Friday, December 4, 2009

You must be hallucinating

The FedEx folks in Phoenix were 1.5 hours late getting the trailer ready so I was up against my delivery deadline pretty much from the git-go. At least they entered it as their fault in the computer system, something that doesn't normally happen even when it is their fault.

At least the load was only 18,500 pounds so climbing up I-17 wasn't much of a hassle.

About halfway I had to take a 30 minute power nap to keep my energy up. I really could have used another one as I was nearing Albuquerque but my GPS showed me arriving right at 0600, the delivery time so I didn't have another minute to spare.

As I was coming up on the Route 66 casino about 15 miles west of town I could have swore I saw a big rig backing on to the freeway from the right, completely perpendicular and hauling an enormous boat of some sort. I squinted and stabbed the brakes to give myself some time but after a few more seconds the scene resolved itself and I had mistaken a freeway sign hanging over the road as the rig. Yes, I was very tired and very bleary eyed and yes, I wish I had pulled off to take another 30 before then and screw the delivery time. After that, the immense adrenaline rush was enough to keep me awake and aware the final few miles in to Albuquerque.