Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The long, long road

My dispatcher worked out a swap with another driver needing to get back to Texas (the lord bless such folk) and after a dint of hard work and perseverance which included no fewer than eight trailer swaps over the past two days, I'm on a load from Crete, Nebraska to Phoenix, Arizona.

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I had to use up every driving hour possible to get as far as possible yesterday so I can make my delivery by 2300 tonight in Phoenix. I warned my dispatcher that unless everything went right yesterday I would end up 60-90 miles north of Phoenix and out of hours to run the rest without a break.

Today's journey is 720 miles, made possible by the 70 and 75 MPH speed limits in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. I don't like running that fast as a general rule, but the trip is good and I want to make the deadline.